Finance, Insurance and Banks for over 50’s

Over fifties are now being targeted by financial institutions like never before as many of them have reasonable amounts of disposable income which they may want to save or invest.

You will find an ever increasing amount of information on this page about banks, banking, insurance and savings for the over fifties.

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“Banking is necessary. Banks are Not”

Bill Gates

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Any benefits for over 50-year old?

A Senior’s Guide to Budgeting and Couponing. Thanks to Amanda and Lisa from the Hastings Recreation Center in Minnesota, USA for this link.

Health and Life Insurance


Go Compare – Life Insurance

Travel Insurance


Staysure over 50’s travel insurance


Best savings rates for over 50 from This is Money

Senior Scams to beware of

Pensions information for the over 50s

You can start a pension for retirement over 50. This page will show you how. You might also need to keep up to date with what is happening with the State Pension or other company schemes.

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“A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart”

Jonathan Swift

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Over-50s’ MoneySaving including pensions

Aged 50 and no retirement savings? Here’s what you need to do

No pension? No panic! How to build up money for your retirement

More than 100,000 over-50s to be told they won’t get a state pension

Saving for retirement – options other than a pension