Courses for the Over 50’s

There are lots of courses you can take which are not age specific. For example anyone can take an Open University course as an adult of any age provided they can afford the fees. Many major universities also offer similar courses which can either be done online, in class of a mixture of both. These are very often suitable for those who want to top up their existing qualifications to either MA (or MSc) level or even take a Doctorate either for career advancement or just for personal interest.

There are also a host of other courses available in class particularly at local authority Adult Education Centres which typically begin in the autumn. These can be practical such as learning a language or skill such as woodwork or needlework or academic such as studying local history, economic theory or many, many other subjects.

Besides these you can study online on a wealth of subjects most of which are for fun and do not lead up to a qualification. If you have had enough of exams or just want to find out about a particular subject these can be just what you need.

The Open University also has some free short courses (called Open Learn) on a variety of subjects from the sciences, social sciences and the arts which will act as a taster or you can do them just for fun. (see here for more information).

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